How Our WordPress Web Support Service Works

by | Feb 27, 2022 | Web Support


We started offering WordPress support because our web design clients kept coming back asking us to help make small updates to their websites. They would send me an email that usually read something like “Hey Paul, we need to change the layout of our homepage. Are you available to help? How much will it cost?” This model of working together involved a lot of back and forth where they would ask us to make a change to their website and also ask how much it would cost, and then I’d give them an estimate and wait for their approval. It was an extremely time-consuming task for both parties and very unprofitable.

So we came up with 3 levels of Wordpress support plans:

  • $99/mo for 1 hour of support
  • $199/mo for 2 hours of support
  • $500/mo for 5 hours of support

Most client requests take less than 20 minutes, so on the 2 hour plan they typically get 5-10 tasks per month which is plenty for our average client. The 5 hour plan is good for clients who are have complex sites or multiple sites. 

Ideal Client

Our typical client for our web support plans is usually a small business owner who has some experience working with websites, but needs someone with advanced skills on-call for regular help. Our customers might know how to swap out an image or add a blog post, but they need help when it comes to html or CSS or adding custom functionality.

Additionally, we work with multiple agencies who offer marketing services but who don’t specialize in web design, they’re able to have us on call to help debug issues with any of their many client sites. We also work with larger organizations doing millions of dollars in online sales who have complex e-commerce stores and membership websites, and for them we provide regular support to ensure their sites are running smooth and secure.

After almost 4 years of offering this service we have received extremely positive feedback from our clients and it’s been a win-win setup and I plan to offer it for the foreseeable future. But this service isn’t for everyone. If you’re someone who wants to learn the ins and outs of managing a website then this isn’t for you. However if you feel your time is better spent on things other than WordPress updates, troubleshooting errors, and tweaking code, then our support service might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Our Process

We have a support email address where clients can send requests, and we also offer a Calendly link for easily scheduling video calls if a client would like to discuss tasks more in-depth. We also utilize a plug-in that allows our clients to leave comments directly on a page of their site and it automatically creates a task for us.

Each of our support clients has their own client dashboard where they can view their website analytics, view a time log history of tasks we’ve completed, manage their support subscription, and request new services.


If you’re looking for ongoing support for your WordPress website then reach out to us, we’d be happy to help!