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Ensures emails from your website get delivered.

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Email Reports - view detailed reports of the emails that are sent from your website, including opens and clicks.

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Full Description:

Have you ever had a password reset email go to your spam folder? That’s the kind of thing WP Mail SMTP fixes: email deliverability for WordPress

This plugin ensures transactional emails from your website get delivered successfully.

Transactional emails are automated emails from your website that give a user information about their account. They could include:

  • Welcome emails
  • Password reset emails
  • Receipts
  • Account notifications

For example, let’s say you run an ecommerce store selling t-shirts. Here are some of the ways a user might receive a transactional email from your website:

  1. The user finds a t-shirt they like, so they create an account on your store. After creating their account they automatically receive a welcome email.
  2. The user then completes their purchase and immediately receives an email receipt.
  3. After your mark their t-shirt as shipped, the user receives an automated email saying your item has shipped.
  4. After receiving their t-shirt, the user decides they want to buy another one, but they forgot their password to your website, so they fill out a ‘forgot password’ form and instantly receive a password receipt email.

These are just a few examples of transactional emails. If you’ve ever had difficulties with email deliverability on your WordPress website, then this plugin may solve that problem for you.

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